About Us


PETOPIA Animal Rescue offers a positive no-kill solution to pet over-population and an alternative to pet store puppy and kitten mills.

The site will offer training, education, and social events for pet owners, a cage-free, relaxed home environment for rescued animals. All animals are rescued from shelters and the local community.

The center will house several rescue groups under one roof. PETOPIA Animal Rescue was created to meet the needs of rescue groups that do not have a place to show their animals in a comfortable and friendly environment. PETOPIA Animal Rescue is not just a single rescue group trying to re-home rescued animals, but several groups rotating through PETOPIA Animal Rescue, giving the public a chance to interact with many different animals and groups at various times.

Its mission is to become a self-sustaining animal adoption center that provides rescue organizations with greater access to families interested in adopting. The sale of merchandise and donations will help support the organizations.

PETOPIA Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers.

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