Black Cats Black & White Cats

They just wear formal attire

Black Cats Black & White Cats

People have been fascinated by black cats for centuries – and as a result many superstitions evolved throughout history and across cultures. So many Americans are superstitious about black cats that they have the lowest adoption rates. Shelters often must host special black cat adoption months and offer steep discounts on black cats as an extra incentive for someone to choose one over a tiger tabby or calico, With that said, did you know?

Black is one of the three basic “pure” colors of cats.” The other two are red and white. All other colors and color patterns of cats are a combination of any two or three of these basic colors. The differences are all a matter of genetics

  • In Asia and the U.K., a black cat is generally considered lucky.
  • The cat’s color is also linked to its temperament and health. Solid black and black and white cats are extremely healthy, have good genes, and are resistant to a variety of diseases. Their temperament is loving and calm.
  • The Egyptian goddess Bast was thought to take the form of a black cat, so many ancient Egyptians owned black cats as a way to court her favor.
  • According to British lore, a black cat’s presence in a house will bring a young woman many suitors.
  • Black cats often have white markings. The most common is a white spot on their necks, known as a locket. Black cats with white “bibs” are called Tuxedos.
  • The Bombay breed is a short-haired black cat known for its affectionate temperament and strong build. Maine Coons, Manx’s, Persians, and other exotic breeds can also be black

Black cats are loving, fun, calm, and beautiful – their fur can go from auburn shaded black, the blue black, the black with tiny white, they can be sleek or fluffy, have yellow eyes, green eyes or blue eyes – in other words “Black is Beautiful” and no different from any other cat.

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Black Cats Black & White Cats
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