How It Started

Petopia Animal Rescue, the first “multi-rescue” pet adoption center in the San Fernando Valley, is located at the Westfield Promenade. Petopia was in the works long before the City of Los Angeles banned the sale of commercially bred animals in pet stores. When Debrah Regal, Valley Cats, Inc President and Petopia co-founder, was faced with the closure of the pet store where she had showcased her rescued cats for more than a decade, the need for another adoption venue became urgent. Most chain stores already contained the “allowed” one dog group and one cat group, making it imperative that Valley Cats, Inc. find a location quickly. This was how Petopia Animal Rescue was conceived. Partnering with business woman and animal lover, Yvette Berke, the concept of a multi-rescue adoption store was formed.   We have now made adoptions easier by providing a location in a family-friendly environment .

Petopia Animal Rescue provides:

  • On-site adoptions for local rescue groups offering dogs and cats for an adoption fee
  • Merchandise including basic dog and cat supplies such as leashes, collars, litter boxes, cat carriers and gifts for animals and animal lovers
  • Training classes, lectures and on going education
  • Community outreach

As Los Angeles is phasing out the sale of animals in pet stores, this location will allow the same breeds to find homes via rescue groups. Just about every breed has a dedicated group from German Shepherds to Pomeranians from Siamese to Maine Coon. There is no need to “shop” for a special breed when you can adopt.

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